Friday, 3 March 2017

Inspirational the Beginning

The month of February (the month of love) has just ended but that does not mean you cannot still love the ones close to your heart or share love to people around you, remember to always keep loving and keep treating other people with love; remember “Do unto others how you want others to treat you” the golden rule. #OneLove

That aside, some people might have being through some rough patches or rough ride this past month or are still in these bad situations, whether you are on the verge of losing hope because maybe you have tried and tired but to no avail. Don’t worry Skantrivia is telling you not to worry, no matter the things you are going through always remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, never lose hope; never say never, never say die.
“Bad situations will come, problems will definitely come, and the pressure will be as hot as hell but don’t let them frustrate you or make you sway or lose focus from your goal; instead find solutions, learn the lessons they are teaching you and be happy because they only make you stronger and wiser to face future challenges” –Ken Ndubuisi.
Troubles and bad circumstances happen because that is life they will come but staying strong and prevailing is what makes you a survivor, so be strong “Because without the dark nights we don’t get to see the stars” –Lil’ Wayne.
Remember “No pain no gain, no cross no crown; these are sayings which imply that the only place where success in anything you do in life comes before the work is in the dictionary” –Ken Ndubuisi. So be strong “work as if all your success depends solely on you and pray as if all your success depends solely on God” and you will succeed. You should know that in order to be successful you must need success not want success “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up” –Nelson Mandela. Also bear it in mind that "It always seems impossible until it’s done” –Nelson Mandela. This quotes by Nelson Mandela himself shows that the word impossible itself means that  i'm possible only if you belief and work towards your goal. So do you think it’s too late to make it or that it's not possible? No!... What you should know is that it’s not too late to try and that you should not give up on that goal of yours, that you should keep pushing and working towards that your goal until something positive happens. So start now and make a difference for a better tomorrow in your life.

Stay positive and happy in this new month, and march towards success.
Happy new month! #TrivialButInteresting

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Picture Of The Month. #SkanPics

Picture Of The Month. #SkanPics
This pictures show a boy who is happy doing what he likes, so stay happy stay positive this month. Picture by Seth Doyle .

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